What do I need to get Started with my Website?

           Are there certain colors that you want on your site?  Is there a theme with your website? (example: outdoors, internet, classical, professional)  You will want to have any special colors you will want to integrate into your website ready to be implemented.



  • Pictures/Images:

           Graphics usually make a website more attractive and can be a vital part of your site.  When sharing images, they can be displayed in a number of different ways, such as a roll-over thumbnail to a standard thumbnail, both of which are wonderful ways.  The choice is just a matter of how many images you want to display, along with how fancy you want to get.  A roll-over thumbnail has a row of images that when a mouse is rolled over the image a larger image is displayed at the bottom and both can be clicked to show the full sized image.  A standard thumbnail is an image that when clicked on shows the larger image, not fancy, but can sometimes load faster on slower machines, which is a good choice for a large number of images on a single page.  When getting started, images play an important part and are what usually will hold up the site creation process.  The more prepared you are with your graphics, the faster I can get the site done.  



  • Verbiage/Text:

           Also...another important part of the site creation process.  A website will rank higher in the search engines if there are more paragraphs of text.  The more text you have the higher you will rank in the verbiage section of search engine rankings.  Write paragraphs about you/your business, what you do, where you are located, how to get to your location, detailed descriptions of your products.  This is also another part of the process that can hold up site creation is not prepared ahead of time.  Write these out in Microsoft word and format them how you would want them on your site.  I will convert it properly and get it as close to how you had it in your document as possible.



  • Online Store or Personal?

           If you are planning on sell merchandise on your website, you have a few options.  Your best choice would be go with the Advanced Design for your website.  This will give you the choice to have a customized shopping cart and be able to add your merchandise with a lot of custom features.  If you are going to sell a few things, then your best choice would be the Basic Design for the reason that you will be able to sell your merchandise via PAYPAL.COM an e-commerce site that takes care of accepting credit cards when you can't.  A customer can purchase merchandise from your site and sign up with paypal and in a matter of days can send you money for the merchandise.  If they are like the millions of people in the world and already have a paypal account, then they can simply send you the money through paypal without the delay of setting up an account.  This is done through automatically programmed "Buy Now" buttons that can be customized to suit your needs.  Having your merchandise ready for pictures or by having the pictures ready will greatly decrease site creation time.  


           If you are planning for a personal website, you would be best to go with the Basic Design for your website.  This will allow you to be very creative, but with the less-needed features of the Advanced Design selection.



  • Domain Name:

           Start by thinking of the name you’d like for your website. It should be catchy and easy to remember. There are three different options for naming your site  If it is a personal site, you can use your own name. e.g. www.johnsmith.com.  If you are setting up a website for your existing business, you can try to get your business name or the business name followed by the city name. e.g. www.acme.com or www.acmeseattle.com.  You can choose a name that uses the words people would type in Google to find your site. My site name is an example of this solution - www.JBPD.net. 

          Note: there are a variety of three letter extensions you can choose from, including .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and more. I recommend registering with a .com name to avoid confusion and to make your site name easy to remember.  


What if your domain name is not available?

Browse to to the website and look for a contact us page or an email address. Contact the owner and see whether they are willing to sell you the name.  Some people have site names reserved just so that they can sell them - prices vary. 
Try one of the suggestions provided by the domain registration service 
Try adding a prefix (e.g. MyJBPD instead of JBPD) or using a thesaurus to find alternate words


  • Search Engines:

           A major question that I receive is about getting your site ranked in search engines.  Your site could take anywhere from one week to two years to get into a search engine.  As I mentioned above, search engines love text.  They don't care about how fancy or how pretty your images are.  The key things their spiders (software that looks at the code in your site) look at to determine your site ranking are:  Keywords (a set of around 20 words that best describe your site, example for TaxidermyByShepBrown.com:  Taxidermy, Shep Brown, Taxidermist, Ottumwa ), Text, Title, Links (If a site you link to is ranked higher it will bring your site up in the ranks.  If a site you link to is ranked lower than you, it will bring your site down.  There isn't a die-hard way to tell if they are ranked higher or lower, but you do want to pick your links carefully).  I will work with you to pick the key components to get your site ranked as high as possible.  You can choose to EXPRESS submit your website to various search engines for a large cost depending on the search engines.  This will just make sure your site is moved up in the hundreds of thousands of sites on a list for the spider to look at.  A site that is looked at by the spider naturally will usually rank higher than a paid submission.  My best advise.....GIVE IT TIME!



  • Custom Email addresses:

           These are only included if the domain reservation/hosting is accomplished via Doteasy.com.  With this is included 10 email addresses for the Basic Design.  For the Advanced Design, you will receive 100 email addresses.  These email addresses are customized to your website.  They are usually YourName@YourWebsite.Extension.  Example: jbpd@jbpd.net.  These emails can be checked from Microsoft Outlook, please email for instructions.  They can also be checked from Doteasy.com.  Email addresses can be set up to be forwarded to your personal email address for easier checking and can be setup to leave a copy of the email before it forwards it, so you will have 2 places to get it if you accidentally delete one.  You can set up most everything you normally set up with an email account.  I will reserve one email address as webmaster@YourWebsite.Extension for questions or mistakes on the site.  



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